Two Model Courses

There are two model courses: “Around-Sakurajima Course,” which takes you around the tourist spots of Sakurajima, and “Yunohira Observatory Course,” which gives you an up-close and powerful view of Sakurajima.

Around-Sakurajima Course

This course takes you around Sakurajima in a clockwise direction with a view of the sea.
You can experience the history of Sakurajima, which has had 17 large-scale eruptions since its birth some 26,000 years ago.
You can enjoy the real thrill and sense of accomplishment of riding around Sakurajima.

【Time required】3~4hours
【Location Points】
Hotel Rainbow Sakurajima・Sakurajima Visitor Center→Fujino Ako Community→Shinjima (Moejima) Viewpoint→Kurokami Buried Torii Gate→Sakurajimaguchi→Arimura Lava Observatory→Fumiko Hayashi Literary Monument→Akamizu Observatory Square→Karashima Observatory→Start Point

Yunohira Observatory Course

This course takes you to the Yunohira Observatory (373m above sea level, 4th station of Mt. Kitadake), the highest point on Sakurajima Island that is open to the general public. For the long slopes, use the gears on the cross bike and the electric assistance on the e-bike for a comfortable climb.

【Time required】2hours

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