Cycling on Sakurajima— Full of excitement!

Approximately 36km around the island.
You can feel the power of Sakurajima up close.

The appeal of cycling around Sakurajima is that you can really see the subtle changes in Sakurajima’s facial expressions.  You can also better experience the calm of Kinko Bay, and the panoramic view of the city of Kagoshima on the other side—all at your own pace, while riding a bicycle. 

If the weather is good, you can see Mt. Kaimon, also known as Satsuma Fuji.

If you are lucky, you can hear the boom of Sakurajima’s eruption and see it fuming gray ash.  

There are also hot springs on Sakurajima to relieve the fatigue of your trip.

Please enjoy the rich blessings of the volcano.

Cycling Precautions

●Please drive in accordance with Japanese road traffic laws.

●Please be sure to wear a helmet for your safety.

●Please be careful when riding, as there are areas with heavy traffic. The volcanic ash on the road is slippery, so please be careful.

●Please wear snug clothing, or clothing loose enough to adjust so as not to get caught in the wheels or chains. Do not wear sandals that are easy to take off, as they may cause accidents.

Countermeasures Against Infectious Diseases

●In order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, please wear a mask when visiting local facilities, stores, and tourist attractions.

●Please stop using the bicycle if you feel unwell or have a temperature of 37.5 degrees celsius or higher before departure.

●Please disinfect your hands before using the bicycles.
※Bicycle handlebars, saddles, helmets, and other parts that come into contact with your hands are sanitized and cleaned in advance.

●Please make sure to wash your hands and gargle after eating, while cycling or using the rental bikes.

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