About Bike Rentals

E-bikes and cross bikes are available.

“E-Bike” is an electrically-powered assistance bike with sports bike specifications, and “Cross Bike” is a comfortable bike for long distance cycling.

Easy Ride with Electric Assistance

7 bikes

Up to 3hours: 4,500 yen
1,000 yen for each hour thereafter
(Tax included / Helmet included)


This is an electrically-powered assistance bicycle with sports bike specifications. It is smaller and lighter than ordinary electrically powered bicycles, and can travel long distances. You can enjoy cycling without worrying about your age or physical strength, as you can pedal up steep hills with ease.
※Target height: 155-180cm

【Rental Location】
Hotel Rainbow Sakurajima

Comfortable for long distance

10 bikes

Up to 3 hours: 2,800 yen
550 yen for each hour thereafter
(Tax included / Helmet  included)


These bicycles are a fusion of “road bikes,” which are easy to speed on, and “mountain bikes,” which have large tires that absorb shock. The rental cross bike has 24-speed gears. This reduces the burden on your legs and allows you to enjoy comfortable cycling.
※Target height: 145-180cm

【Rental Location】
Sakurajima Visitor Center

・The fee must be paid in advance. Even if you return the bicycle earlier than the time you declared at the time of application, the difference will not be refunded.
・You will be required to show your ID such as driver's license or passport at the time of rental.
・You must return the bicycle at the place where you borrowed it.
・Bikes cannot be rented for more than two consecutive days.
・Please contact us in advance to check if the service is available.

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